MY UV Safe - 40 Litre UV Sterilizer Box

MY UV Safe 360° sterilizer box is certified to kill 99.99% of bacteria & viruses.

40 Litre Tabletop UV Sterilizer Box with One Touch Safety Knob and an Interactive LCD Screen.

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40 litre uv tabletop sanitizer. it Looks as good as it works!

UV Sanitizer Box

Place it.
Sanitize it.

UV Sterilizer machine knob

UV SAFE is heavily Tested & Certified by:

MY UV ONE Portable uv sanitizer Certified by DSIR and CPCSEA

‘MY’ UV Safe is tested for a foolproof delivery to eradicate 99.99% of all known bacteria and viruses.

Heavily tested by International Third Party Laboratories for Global Market Consumption.

40 litre UV sterilizer machine
One Device for all Safety Needs
Stylish Statement Maker my uv safe sanitizer machine
All your safety is at your fingertips!
Sanitizes single or a combination of goods together
parcel sanitizer machine
Document sanitizer machine

Feel Safer with
one touch!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Of Course, it does. The 4 UV-C lamps in ‘MY’ UV Safe protects you against all the disease-causing bacteria and viruses, thereby providing you the best protection there is!

The total Capacity of the UV Safe is 40 litres. So, you can place multiple items, each of different weight in the UV Safe altogether at once and adjust the timer knob according to the volume of the goods placed.

If you are a mathematical geek, how about we tell you that Time is directly proportional to the Volume of the goods placed? Well, let us make it simple. The total time taken by the UV Safe to sanitize the objects is 2-10 minutes. And how long should you sanitize your items depends upon the volume of the objects.

The Voltage needed for ‘MY’ UV Safe is, 230-240 V. This is the usual Voltage required for your microwave oven, refrigerator, laptops etc.

438 (L)*350 (W)*288 (H)

Weight of ‘MY’ UV Safe-11 kg (Approx.)

The Warranty period that we provide for ‘MY’ UV Safe Tabletop Sanitizer is 1 year or a period of 12 months. Please do look at the Warranty Policy page for more details.

For any defect or device malfunction related queries, reach out to our Customer Care Service at 1800-419-4898 or drop us a mail at

We are always happy to assist you.