MY UV ONE - Portable UV Sterilizer

India's first Portable UV Sterilizer with Tilt Sensor Technology. Certified to kill viruses in 40 seconds with 99.99% efficiency.

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Pocket UV Sterilizer

Flash it. Kill it

MY UV ONE for door handles

Handheld Pocket UV Sanitizer

Technical Specification
UV One Portable  UV Sterilizer Dimensions
MY UV One portable UV Sterilizer - Laptop Sanitizer

Sanitizes your gadgets within seconds!

MY UV One portable UV Sterilizer - Laptop Sanitizer
Portable UV Sanitizer size
MY UV One + Special Launch Edition includes 'MY' Mask Series1



MY UV ONE - Tested & Certified Reports

UV ONE is heavily Tested & Certified by:

‘MY’ UV One is tested for a foolproof delivery to eradicate 99.99% of all known bacteria and viruses.

Heavily tested by International Third Party Laboratories for Global Market Consumption.

Check out our Virucidal Activity Test Report on HCoV-229E.




my uv one pocket uv sanitizer
Portable UV sanitizer for travelling



Pocket uv sanitizer your new travel buddy
Everyday gadgets Sanitizer MY UV ONE



Portable uv sanitizer
Handheld UV-C Sterilizer

Sanitize on the go with 'MY' Portable UV Sterilizer

Portable UV Sterilizer
Portable UV Sanitizer
Pocket UV Sterilizer
Pocket UV Sanitizer
Mess free UV Sanitization
Handheld UV-C Sterilizer

Frequently Asked Questions.

Of Course, it does. In addition to providing ultimate protection from all disease causing viruses, it also keeps you protected from all possible germs and bacteria that are dangerous for your well-being. Experience extreme safety with this #ultimatesafetygear.

UV One takes just 45 minutes to charge you up completely for 70 flashes following the 45 minutes charging time.

Charging UV One is as simple as eating a pie. All you have to do is plugit with a Type C charger, charge it for 45 minutes and you areultimately safety ready for 70 complete uses.

The Shaky noise actually indicates the whole working mechanism of UV One. What you are hearing is the sound of the tilt-sensor. It is placed inside a freely moving cylinder, that touches the sides of the device when you move it to sanitize the surfaces. When the tilt-sensor in the UV One touches the ends, it makes the UV light to cut off indicating unconscious use by the user, there by protecting your skin from the in-built UVC.

For any defect or device malfunction related queries, reach out to our Customer Care Service at 1800-419-4898 or drop us a mail at

We are always happy to assist you.

Sanitize any surface till all the yellow timer lights go off. Each light is lit for a duration of 10 seconds. When the final light goes off at the 40th second, you are safety ready.

For best results, hold UV One perpendicular to the surface you want to sanitize. The UV One sanitzes a radius of 10 centimeter from a distance of 7cm.