'MY' MASK SERIES 1 Antiviral Mask

'MY' Series 1 Antiviral mask are thoughtfully tailored with built-in filters made of activated carbon and copper. Series 1 is certified to kill viruses, pollutants, and poisonous gases with 99% efficiency.
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MY mask series 1 face mask comes in 3 layers. The outer layer is fabric, the middle one is activated carbon impregnated with copper and the inner is the fabric layer.
My mask compared with other branded masks
My Mask Series 1 for industrial applications
MY Series 1 anti pollution mask for industrial applications

Test Report

‘MY’ Series 1 Antiviral mask is tested for a foolproof delivery to eradicate 99.99% of all known bacteria and viruses.

Check out our 'MY' MASK Test Report below.

Viral Filtration Test Report

Bacterial Filtration Test Report


We provide My mask series 1 with one pouch




MY Series 1 Anti viral mask
The custom anti pollution face mask protects the Protectors.

'MY' Series 1 Antiviral Mask protects the protectors.

Make your safety a fun and desirable lifestyle choice.

Custom anti pollution face mask for Working Professional make more stylish and safe.
'MY' Mask Series 1 help to kids back to school Safely

Helps you stay protected from toxins as small as 0.25 Microns.

with series 1 Anti Pollution Mask, all you have to do



How to Wash 'MY' Series 1 Antiviral Mask?

Wash the series 1 antiviral mask in hot water and gently scrub it to wash away the toxins.
Drying it under the sun recharges the Carbon in the filter and leaves your mask fully renewed to continue offering the best performance.
Your activated carbon and copper mask is good to go for 60 complete wash cycles.

How to Wear 'MY' Series 1 Antiviral Mask?

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Frequently Asked Questions

‘MY’ Mask Series 1 is heavily tested for BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) by third-party laboratories. It is proven to kill bacteria with an efficiency of 99.96%.

'MY’ Series 1 Mask conforms to FFP (Filtering Facepiece) standards tested by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India. It shows a high filtration efficiency against viruses, the report for which will be disclosed shortly.

‘MY’ Mask Series 1 is majorly tested to filter Sulphur dioxide (Sox) and Nitrogen dioxide (NOx) up to 18 mg/g using Activated Carbon impregnated with copper in the filters.

Series 1 Mask comes in 4 sizes to fit various face shapes and sizes:

Small (13*18 cm), Medium (14*20 cm), Large (15*22 cm) and Extra Large (16*24 cm)

Yes! In fact, ‘MY’ Mask Series 1 can be washed regularly with lukewarm water and dried under the sun to recharge the Activated carbon in the mask.

‘MY’ Mask Series 1 lasts for 180 days with 1 wash cycle per week and you are good to go for 6 months.

Series 1 is India’s first Triple Action filter Mask made of Activated carbon impregnated with copper. The carbon absorbs the impurities and copper kills making you 99.96% safe from bacteria and viruses.