The World's First Safety Lifestyle Brand
'MY' - The World's First Safety Lifestyle Brand commenced its operations in June 2020 to offer simple yet sustainable solutions to help people get adapted to the new normal keeping in mind their Safety and Protection. Through continuous Innovation, we wanted 'MY' to offer a contented Lifestyle choice which turns compulsion into an extraordinary experience.

MYPPE Wellness Services Private Limited has its registered office in the industrial city of Coimbatore with branch offices in the Software City of India, Bengaluru and dealer presence in 14 states across India. We have currently built a distribution network that serves the Middle East, Europe and South East Asian countries. 'MY' has 54 employees and has contract manufacturing facilities in Coimbatore, Bengaluru & Pune. We are an innovation driven company creating a new and safer normal for all of us. 'MY' provides products & services to over 85 educational institutions and is the preferred protection partner for numerous hotel chains and corporates in India.

Kavin Kumar Kandasamy, Founder & CEO

Kavin Kumar Kandasamy is a renowned Educationist, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian who runs 7 Educational Institutions and a few Organisations that range from Retail to Consulting. He is a Graduate from Australia and France and he has spent the last 7 years growing his Organisation from 84 employees to 1000 employees it is today.

Raja Palanisamy, Co Founder & CBO

Raja Palanisamy is a trained Pilot, Lawyer and a Businessman, who has established a successful lighting and trading company that provides products and services from Africa to India. He graduated from Australia, South Africa and returned back to India to establish his own Lighting Company that has been thriving for the last 7 years.

Vision For the Future.

Ever since we embarked on this journey in June 2020, our vision has been “To create a breakdown free world through safer lifestyle products for individuals and organisations”. This we intend to achieve through our innovative products, that are practical to use and simple to weave into our daily lifestyles in a sustainable way. With the dream of building the world’s first truly safety lifestyle company, we have the ardent task of envisioning everyday products for individuals and organizations that transcend past visible utility to an intrinsic value of protection.
'MY' Products
We are currently designing and producing products that are inspired by the immediate uncertain circumstances we live in. Our UV One, UV Safe brings home the advanced benefits of UV technologies in aesthetically appealing designs to the residences, offices and premises of our customers. The apparel line up is made of Level 2 – reusable fabric that prevents any viral strikethrough for daily usage. We intend to create an official workwear line up that instills the confidence in our customers to step out and engage in the new normal. At ‘MY’, we are working on a new line up of innovative fashionable protective gear that are sustainable and elegant for convenient usage. 
The world is flooded with masks and variants of face covers with numerous claims. At ‘MY’, we have engineered a mask for all seasons that address pollution, bacterial and viral concerns. Our patent pending Activated Carbon + Copper Filter is self-healing from viral attacks and regenerative for a lifetime of 6 months. Such innovation when brought to the daily lifestyle assures the customer of safety from the ever-evolving threats around us.

When looking at safety ‘MY’ believes in the comprehensive approach to protection. Our partnership with ‘Airbolt’ powers our lineup of Bluetooth locks and GPS Solutions. This association is set to transform enterprise locking solutions, individual tracking and tracing solutions. The GPS solutions integrates with our hot spot tracing network, which enables preempting a breach into a bio bubble for an organization and so forth. ‘MY’ Locks and ‘MY’ GPS give customers the next dimension of safety through it’s touch free solutions and AI enabled bio tracker.