'MY' Series 1 Antiviral mask are thoughtfully tailored with built-in filters made of activated carbon and copper. Series 1 is certified to kill viruses, pollutants, and poisonous gases with 99% efficiency.

'MY' MASK SERIES 1 Antiviral Mask
₹ 223.00

Swap ‘MY’ Series 3 Particulate Filter on the go, slay the viruses, and stay on top of your game all day long! The Series 3 offers an additional layer of protection to the activated carbon and copper layers with the particulate filter. Series 3 is tested to kill viruses with 99.96% efficiency.

MY MASK SERIES 3 with Particulate Filter
₹ 357.00

'MY' Particulate Filter offers the best protection from air borne diseases and disease-causing microorganisms like germs, bacteria, viruses and pollutants as small as 2.5 PM (Particulate Matter)

Particulate Filter
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