India's first Portable UV Sterilizer with Tilt Sensor Technology. Certified to kill viruses in 40 seconds with 99.99% efficiency.

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MY UV ONE - Portable UV Sterilizer
₹ 1,999.00

'MY' High Neck unisex jacket built with a virucidal overlay brings security and elegance to your travels. When out and about, pair it with formals or casuals and be forward-thinking and safe!


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'MY' Anti-Viral High Neck Jacket
₹ 2,899.00

MY UV Safe 360° sterilizer box is certified to kill 99.99% of bacteria & viruses.

40 Litre Tabletop UV Sterilizer Box with One Touch Safety Knob and an Interactive LCD Screen.

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MY UV Safe - 40 Litre UV Sterilizer Box
₹ 11,799.00