‘MY’ introduces two new fashionable safety gears for travelling


'MY’ introduces two new fashionable safety gears for travelling

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of life especially travelling. To control and prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, it is necessary to cover one’s face and body when stepping out of home not just to protect themselves but also others in case one of any infection. 'MY’ known for India’s first UV One pocket sanitizer and UV Safe, launched ‘MY’ Scarfs and overalls with antiviral properties that can help in preventing possible viral and bacterial strikethrough.

‘MY’ scarfs are anti-viral, anti-pollutant and anti-bacterial and are made with level two fabric used in most surgical gown but in a reusable and washable fashion. In heavily polluted area and in places where risks due to air-borne contaminations are high ‘MY’ scarfs can help one stay protected from the pollutants.

‘MY’ Overalls is a fashionable overall that is anti-viral, anti-pollutant and anti-bacterial that prevents any viral strikethrough from travelling in public spaces. Designed as a coverall that is worn over clothes, the full body protection cloak keeps one protected for the duration of journey weather on plane or for shorter rides in a taxi,metro and can be taken off at the door.

Commenting on the product, Mr.Kavin Kumar Kandasamy, Co-founder and CEO of ‘MY’ said, “The scarfs can be used in many different versatile ways like a scarf, mask, bandana, wraparound. It is a wonderful piece of accessory that anybody can have with all the properties of an anti-viral mask provided you tie it the right way. ‘MY’ overall is a great product for different seasons and for different occasions. This is a fashionable overall that would bring a new element of style in your wardrobe.”

About MY:

‘MY’, a company based out of Coimbatore, designs, manufactures and produces Indian-made safety products and services with Innovation, Design and Sustainability at its core. Along with UV One Pocket Sanitizer, the company has products like UV Safe Tabletop Sanitizer, Anti-Viral Protection Masks, Scarves and Overalls. Their manufacturing facility is located in Coimbatore, Bangalore and Tirupur.