This Unique Startup Aims To Make Safety As A Lifestyle Choice For All Indians! How Will It Work?

Little did we know that the year 2020 could change all of our long-held beliefs and challenge our very existence of life. No contingency plans or back-ups could bring the world back to normalcy! We started valuing the health and well-being of our family and loved ones like never before. As you are reading this, we have still not been able to recover from the pandemic hit.

Would institutions and businesses be able to withstand another breakdown? Is it possible for vaccines to restore normalcy to our lives? With all these questions in mind, “Staying safe and protecting ourselves is the best way forward!”

‘MY’- the World’s first Safety Lifestyle Brand was started with this vision to make safety a lifestyle choice that helps people transition smoothly into the New Normal without making the people feeling compelled or forced to adapt to the changes. 

To tell a little about what we do,

About ‘MY’:

‘MY’, World’s first Safety Lifestyle Brand is a start-up that offers simple yet sustainable solutions to help people adapt to the new normal keeping in mind their safety and protection. All products at ‘MY’ are designed to integrate with our ecosystem, like our everyday products but with a safety quotient. ‘MY’ products are all designed and manufactured by the best in India, whilst adhering to the global standards to ensure plug and play for customers around the world.

Why the name ‘MY’:

Why ‘MY’? We wanted a brand that’s easy for people to remember. Every time they say ‘MY’, they have a sense of ownership of the brand. We worked very hard to keep it very simple. While the company is called MYPPE Wellness Services Pvt Ltd, the brand is ‘MY’.