Startup Circle: How is MY Protection propelling safety-tech as a dynamic lifestyle choice?

One of the most debatable sections of the healthcare society is that “Prevention is better than cure”. Further, the quality of productions available for the people to “prevent” diseases is also a questionable pursuit. In that regards, MY Protection, a safety-tech startup, built on the premise that protection doesn’t have to be cumbersome or tedious, designs protection gears. Right from shoes to grocery, the company offers lifestyle products that enable safety as well as style.

With CiOL, the Co-founder of MY Protection, Kavin Kumar Kandasamy talks about how the first-of-its-kind startup is enabling people to use healthy and safe lifestyle products. Excerpts from QnA.


What is MY Protection about? Tell us about the team.

MY Protection is the World’s first Safety as a Lifestyle Company. We aim to make Safety and Protection a contended lifestyle choice for people rather than a compulsion. The whole vision of MY Protection is to prevent another breakdown from happening again. Our team is made of individuals with different creative skill-sets starting from Engineers to creative storytellers. Domain experts from virologist to apparel experts and people who understand fashion and lifestyle, we are a unique safety lifestyle company.

How did you come up with the idea?

When the pandemic broke out, my partner Raja Palanisamy and I saw what was happening in the world around us. We wondered what exactly the problem was. Upon close examination, we identified lifestyle as the root cause. Lifestyle is something that is developed over the years, even centuries. Every action of yours is something very innate to you. You act in a certain way because your parents and your forefathers did the same. But what if we were to enhance our lifestyle and take it to a safer place?

We understood if we make innovative products that people can use daily like the anti-virus for computer then we would be omnipresent in their lifestyle and prevent another breakdown from happening again and hence, ‘MY’- World’s first safety lifestyle Company.

What are the changes you are bringing into the market?

History has shown us that there’ll always be an outbreak of some sort or the other every once in a while. We’ve had Ebola, SARS, MERS, and what have you not. Now it’s Covid-19. Personal hygiene is no longer a choice, but a necessity. It is essential for our safety and the well-being of the people around us. That’s the biggest lesson the pandemic has taught us and that’s exactly the change we are trying to bring into the Market- “Seeing Safety as a Lifestyle”.