Now, a pocket UV device that can kill bacteria, viruses on surfaces

While the race is still on to find a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus, innovators are working on solutions to limit the spread of the virus including through contact with infected surfaces. One such company, Coimbatore-based MY, has now introduced a new hand-held UVC sanitiser device that promises to kill bacteria and viruses from surfaces.

This device called MY UV One is a pocket sanitiser that has ultraviolet (UV-C) lights. The product is sold by MY, which said in a statement that this device could kill bacteria and viruses when held at a distance of 7 cm from any surface in 40 seconds.

This sanitiser has a tilt sensor that allows the device to sanitize surfaces and also prevent unintended and accidental UV ray exposure of the human skin. It has a battery capacity of 300mAh and can produce 70 flashes with one charge. It is priced at Rs.1,999 and is available on the company website.