'MY’ ties up with 71educational institutions in Tamil Nadu to provide Masks

With just a month from being launched, ‘MY’ has signed up with 71 educational institutions in Tamil Nadu to provide masks. ‘MY’ is the first in the country to make masks that have filters of activated carbon impregnated with copper. ‘MY ‘series 1 anti-viral + anti-pollution + anti-bacterial masks is thoughtfully tailor made with built in filters that protect from pollutants and poisonous gases.

Mr. Kavin Kumar Kandasamy Founder and CEO of ‘MY’said,” We are happy to win the trust of so many people in such a short span of time. We are the first to make masks with copper filters. Bey ond the pandemic, we believe that masks will become part of our regular lifestyle. Our masks are functional and fashionable and have been created in a way that every user needs to replace the mask only once in 6 months.“