What Can You Do to Stop The COVID-19 From Spreading Rapidly?

A nano-sized virus has brought a significant and striking change in our lives, and as a result, we are leading a new lifestyle called the new normal today. The COVID-19 is spreading rapidly in India and, we have to stay safer than we were in the past. It is an individual's responsibility to maintain safety and protection while going out or staying indoors. It may take a while to adapt to wearing face masks and sanitizing regularly but you must understand that it is the utmost priority and that we ought to follow safety measures to keep ourselves and others protected from this deadly virus. Let us see how you can stop the COVID-19 from spreading rapidly.

1.Finding an Effective Face-mask

After the pandemic hit us, the global mask and PPE market had a sudden surge and, there were different face masks manufactured. But, how do you know whether your face mask is effective or not? An ideal face mask should not only protect you but should also keep you safe and let you feel comfortable while wearing it. Wearing the perfect mask saves you from being prone to infection.

So, you must ensure that your mask is anti-bacterial and antiviral with triple layers since such face masks are very effective and prevent viral strike-through thoroughly. You can check out 'MY’ Series 1 Antiviral Mask & ‘MY’ Series 3 Mask with particulate filter that has all those properties along with filters made of activated carbon and copper within the mask layers. It also comes with a downloadable test report that you can check to ensure that you are buying the most efficient and certified mask.


Activated Carbon and Copper mask


2.Ensuring Overall Protection

Your face mask protects your face thoroughly, but what about the clothes that you are wearing? They also serve as a surface for transmitting the viral particles and bacteria. You always have to wash your clothes whenever you return back to your home or frequently change it. Instead, you can go out with ‘MY’ Antiviral Overalls that complements your face mask whilst also giving you overall protection from all possible viral strike throughs. Made up of Virucidal, Eco-friendly & Non-toxic fabric, it provides you with top-notch and substantial protection lasting up to 50 wash cycles along with sweat and odor control. Choose your style, slay the day and stop the viral spread altogether!


Antiviral Overall


3.Finding Best Sanitizers

Every nook and corner of your house has microbes living in it. You cannot clean every single surface every time since that would become a tedious process. Although there are alcohol-based rubs and sprays available, you cannot be 100% sure whether they are capable of thoroughly sanitizing your house. It can be a bit confusing to choose the best sanitizer, but thanks to Innovative technology that Start-ups come up with because today we have sophisticated UV sterilizers available that is capable of killing the viruses and germs up to 99.99 % efficiency. You can check out the 'MY' UV Safe - 40Ltr UV Sterilizer Box that can sterilize items ranging from clothes to groceries or almost anything that you put into it. It takes just 2-5 minutes to sterilize goods that are either single or put together in a combination.


my uv sterilizer box


Also, when you visit places where millions come and go, the chances are that you might come across handles, doorknobs or things that might have been touched several times by others and, these surfaces also might have many microbes on them. To avoid such a situation, you can carry a portable UV sanitizer along with you to ensure hassle-free and mess-free sanitization. Check out ‘MY’ UV One Portable UV Sanitizer that is a palm-sized, sophisticated hand-held device that is certified to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including COVID in under 40 seconds. 


Pocket uv sterilizer


We have to understand that we are the sole responsibility for our safety and protection during this pandemic. It is not a choice rather, a compulsive situation that needs us to be aware of the consequences that we might come across shortly. Therefore, to stop this rapid spread, it is vital that we have to wear a face mask, maintain social distance and sanitize regularly. We have to be mindful about our surroundings and stop the spread together instead of being careless about the current scenario.

Everything is in our hands since, “Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change our lives forever!”. So, Stay Safe and Stop the Spread!

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