Stay stress-free with just 2 layers on your kid

“While we teach our kids all about life, our kids teach us what life is all about”

Stress free with the 2layers on your kids

Kids are the tiniest beings that can bring a smile even to a hurt soul. As thoughtful citizens, it is our responsibility to make sure the future pillars are protected against any bacteria or viral intrusion. 

There is no doubt that the public, especially the children are educated by campaigns, parents, and Schools,

  • The importance of washing hands frequently
  • Sanitizing the hands and most importantly
  • Advised to wear a mask every time they step out. 

But with so many masks- cloth masks, surgical masks, N95, reusable masks- each claiming that one is better than the other, which is the right one for your kid’s safety?

This is a very important question we ask ourselves as grown-ups before we buy or recommend a mask to our children. Particularly because “Seeing is the best way to believing. Mere promotions and claims will not assure your kid’s safety.

The Schools are to reopen soon and as you know, crowding is the most conducive environment for the transmission of the virus and disease-causing germs.

“Wearing the right mask not only because it fits right, feels right, or looks right but because it is tested right to prevent any viral strike through is what will seal the deal for your kid’s Safety.

What if we tell you that there are only 2 layers you need in a mask that will do the job of putting your mind at ease without stressing about sending your kid without a piece of doubt?

Yes. You heard us right! ‘MY’ Mask Series 1 Antiviral Masks are tailored with India’s first of a kind filter made with just 2 layers- Activated carbon impregnated with carbon. What’s so special about this mask that you can never find in any other mask?

1. Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

With the first of a kind combination of two Chemical compounds, ‘MY’ Mask Series 1 uses a layer of Activated Carbon and Copper. Many techies here would agree that this compound is known for its absorbing capacity. The carbon absorbs any impurities from the environment and even bacteria and viruses. 

Things don’t stop here. The Mask is made with a second element, copper, so that you get a complete Mission Accomplished proof. The copper “kills” every single impurity or virus that was absorbed by the layer of Carbon leaving no stones unturned.

The best part? The Series 1 Mask does not just claim this proof but is backed up with a full downloadable test report which is available for Public access. Because as it is rightly said, “visible facts cannot be denied.

By choosing the right kind of mask that protects your kid although, you can be rest assured to send your kid back to school without any doubt about their wellbeing.

2. What’s more pressing?

What’s more pressing

Apart from the growing fear and awareness to stay protected against viral and bacterial intrusions, there is another significant factor that needs major focus “Pollution”. The poor Air Quality Index is a standing data to tell us how polluted air we inhale. 

As opposed to adults that breathe 14-18 times, toddlers and Preschoolers, average 22 to 34 breaths per minute. 6 to 12-year-olds take 18 to 30 breaths per minute, according to the data in Healthily. These results show why kids need to breathe cleaner air as opposed to adults. The growing number and usage of vehicles, urbanization, and modernization show that,

“The atmosphere will only get more and more polluted and not the other way around”

The best solution out of this whole situation is to keep ourselves and our kids safe by breathing cleaner. Although the virus and pandemic might see light, pollution can be frightening for our health. Taking precautionary measures against it, by wearing a tested Anti-pollution Mask is the best bet to keep our lungs healthy.

“It is better safe than sorry”

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