Pandemic does not seem to end? We feel you!

Pandemic does not seem to end? We feel you!

Just when things seemed to get a little better and when we finally realized how much we missed inhaling a whiff of fresh air and when life seemed a tad less harsh by letting us socialize again, the second wave has started its course impacting our lives stronger than before.

The number of people tested positive is increasing all over the World and with India currently experiencing the second wave, the cases are ramping up in all the states across India. In several states like Bombay and Maharashtra, lockdown is issued again.

The numbers are proving the impact of the second wave in India and while vaccinations and medication are doing their best to suppress the situation, the only way to get through this wave without incurring a huge loss both financially and physically is to make Safety and Protection a part of our lifestyle.

When things calmed down a bit, and after the lockdown was relaxed, we started going out and Businesses commenced their operations. Employees were asked to get back to their respective offices. Slowly we started taking the situation lightly assuming that everything was back to normal. We forgot the importance of wearing a mask and sanitizing everything before we touch them.

Where did it go wrong? Humans are social animals and we are more of a touchy-feely species. Confining ourselves within the 4 walls and maintaining Social distance is something that does not come naturally to us. We tend to follow rules when we are monitored or observed and the minute, we realize we are not, all chain breaks lose.

“That’s us and well, we are made that way!”

But the harsh reality is, Safety and Protection are the New Normal. Just like human beings evolve through different stages and development, it’s our time to learn and evolve from the pandemic. The only way to get through these testing times is by making ourselves adopt and adapt to the Safety lifestyle choice. 

You might think this is easier said than done, but not necessarily. When the pandemic hit us, I am sure the one product most of us stocked upon is a hand sanitizer. That was the easiest way to help ourselves stay clear of the virus and bacteria but like us, technology has also evolved.

Safety should be fun and the transition to the Safety lifestyle should be seamless

To make this transition fun and seamless with the help of innovation and cutting-edge technology, India’s first Portable UV Sanitizer was launched. The hand sanitizer we stocked upon seemed like the best option initially but it came with its share of problems like skin irritation, harsh bubbles and boils on the tender skin, etc.

The handheld Sterilizer not just addresses this problem but also offers mess-free sanitization with the help of UV-C lights that enables people to sanitize all common touchpoints and surfaces like door handles, baggage, biometric devices, mobile phones, laptops, etc. making the process of disinfection, simpler and elegant. The device looks extremely classy and portable that carrying the wand on the go is a super fun way to travel yet stay 99.99% safe amidst the pandemic.

“Say hello to ‘MY’ UV One Portable UV Sterilizer - Your New Travel Buddy”

My uv one portable uv sterilizer

Traveling around the world, dining different cuisines, watching movies in theatres, potlucks, dinner dates, and get-togethers might seem like a far-fetched dream but not if we consciously adapt our lifestyles to make Safety, a habit and make wise decisions in choosing the right products and devices that help us stay safe, effectively.

Let’s make this transition into the New Normal a memorable experience rather than forcing ourselves to accept the situation. This way, we will never have to worry about shutting down our Businesses or confining ourselves within the 4 walls ever again!

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