Pack These 3 things In Your Kid's Backpack Before Sending Them To School

The novel nano-sized virus brought in a new shift across the globe, making humanity understand the importance of safety and protection from a completely different perspective. Nowadays, parents and educational institutions are stressed and worried about ensuring foolproof safety measures at the school campuses.

Moreover, during these uncertain times, we should use sustainable and sophisticated safety solutions. Such measures help you to overcome these uncertain situations effortlessly. Parents should specifically give much attention to their kids since kids could easily fall ill due to the infection. In such cases, these are three imperative things that you should check and pack into your kid's bag so that they can remain protected from the deadly virus.

1.Does your kid wear an ideal face shield?

Does your kid wear an ideal face shield?

Choosing the best face shield among so many options may seem quite confusing. There are fabric masks, N-95, valved, surgical grade and what not? But, have you ever wondered that these are suitable for your kid? Many face shields available in the market are not tailor-made for kids, so you should select the perfect face shield with enhanced protection capabilities.

Moreover, according to health professionals, triple-layered masks give much protection when compared to regular fabric masks. Finding a face mask with all these features can be tiring. To end such confusion, you can go for innovative brands like 'MY' Mask Series 3 that delivers top-notch protection against the deadly virus. 'MY' face shields are made with triple-action layers and inbuilt with activated carbon and copper that comes with an antiviral, antibacterial and anti-pollution formula. Furthermore, these face shields are certified by DSIR and CPCSEA, making your kid's new normal experience better.

2.Does your kid have a sophisticated sanitizer?

Does your kid have a sophisticated sanitizer?

The new normal routine is fulfilled by sanitizing common touch-points. Instead of going for regular alcoholic sanitizers, you can give your kid a handheld UV sanitizer wand that would come in handy anytime, anywhere. With this UV wand, your kid can magically sanitize anything ranging from books, stationery items, plates etc., without any hassle.

Repetitive usage of alcoholic sanitizers may make their tender skin rough and dry. Replacing a chemical sanitizer with a handheld UV sanitizer can make things easier for your kid. Since such a sophisticated and innovative design of the wand makes it unique, mess-free and pocket friendly whilst killing 99.96% of germs within seconds under a single flash.

3.Does your kid get healthy food and care?

Does your kid get healthy food and care?

Amid all of these things, the foremost aspect is health and nutrition. Without proper care and food, your child cannot fight the disease efficiently. To boost your kid's immunity, you can pack their favorite fruits and healthy snacks that they can munch on during recess. Nutritious food complements their safety experience and makes them stronger throughout the process. With regular exercise and a balanced diet, your kid can get the best out of everything and ace their day without any limits. Pack your kid’s snacks and lunch with energy-filled nutritious food and love!

Everything during this pandemic may seem daunting, but we have to work together to ensure thorough safety and protection in all aspects. Uncertain times may come and go or even persist for some time. But, if we adopt proper techniques and make use of modern technology wisely and with innovation, we can overcome such situations with much more ease. "Don't Be Hasty When It Comes to Safety", since, at the end of the day, your kid’s safety is a lot more valuable than anything.

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