‘MY’ Memories with the Portable UV Sterilizer

my memories with my uv one portable uv sterilizer
With half of us trying to re-live our normal lives and the other half struggling to protect and safeguard kids and the elderly from the increasing spread of transmission, where are we headed? Is this pandemic ever going to leave us for good anytime soon? With all the questions in mind, the only light I see amidst these tough times is,

“To stay aware and be consciously Safe”

safety first

Although we have been hearing this statement for almost a year nowthis is the 
harsh reality. But how to make safety interesting? I am tired of constantly carrying hand sanitizers everywhere I go and trust me, my handbag was initially filled not with different shades of lipsticks but different flavors of hand sanitizers.

Despite rubbing my hands constantly with this alcoholic rub, I was not sure whether it is 100% efficient in keeping me safe from the bacteria and viruses. but what was certain was that my palm looked miserable with bubbles and boils caused by the harsh solution.

Name the brand or flavor of the hand sanitizer. I had tried all of them ranging from the commonly available rubs in the Supermarket to the ones that were recommended by influencers on Instagram claiming to be gentle on the skin and packed with the aura of lavender, strawberry, rose, vanilla, and what not.

"I used to wonder how it was smooth on their skin but not on mine."

I used to wonder how it was smooth on their skin but not on mine

Looked like even hand sanitizers these days have a preference about whom to be harsh with and on whom to be gentle! Anyways, I wanted a change. The virus didn’t seem to leave but at least I wanted something new in my lifestyle! Ever since the COVID, I have been really curious about everything that’s been trending online.

Credits to the lockdown effect! When I was glancing through the online newspaper, I came across a product- ‘MY’ UV One Portable UV Sterilizer ranked in the list of cool gadgets of the year 2021 on the NDTV Gadgets. Curious to know more about the product, I visited their website that was given in the news link.

The first thing that caught my interest was the elegant and edgy look of the device but, I was really surprised to see the downloadable test report that came with it for public access. When I read through the lines that read,

“‘MY’ UV One Pocket Sanitizer is lab tested to kill 99.99% of all known bacteria and viruses including COVID, and is certified by DSIR and CPCSEA and other third-party laboratories”, I was convinced to buy the magical wand.

I gifted myself the magical wand of safety for my birthday and from then on, this portable UV Sterilizer has always been #mytravelbuddy. The best fact, I didn’t have to carry hand sanitizer anymore and punish my hands with boils.

 “Actually, for the first time, I felt stylish carrying a safety gadget”

Actually, for the first time, I felt stylish carrying a safety gadget

My research and satisfaction from using the Portable UV Sterilizer got me curious about the Company as such and during the COVID when I had a lot of time to re-think about my career choices, I decided that it was time for a change. Fascinated with this product, I thought, “Why don’t I think about working with this cool company”.

My interest turned into reality when I got the offer letter. Hands down, ‘MY’ is the best place to work at! Being a start-up, I get to explore a lot and learn through the journey.

I am sure most of us now have started going to work, vacations, shopping, theatre, hospitals, etc. but staying safe cannot be compromised at any point. This is the reason why I make sure to carry ‘MY’ UV One everywhere I go like the tiny little adorable puppy that we grew up watching in the Vodafone jingle.

And this Pocket UV Sanitizer is super easy to use. All I do is just press the one-touch safety button, flash the UV rays from the device on any surface for 20 seconds, and voila! I am 99.99% safe from all the viruses, bacteria, and disease-causing micro-organisms.

Right from sanitizing the door handle when I board a cab to work, to the buttons in the lift panel, shared biometric hand scanners, workspace, laptop to the commonly used toilet seats, ‘MY’ UV One Portable UV Sterilizer has become a part of my safety lifestyle choice.

“When 20 seconds can keep me and my family safe from the viral attack, I make no compromises in taking this time to sterilize my common touch-points”.

Moving forward we don’t know if vaccination will be the solution for all our safety problems and nobody can tell for sure that we will never have to wrestle another micro-organism but what we CAN do is change our lifestyle to adapt ourselves to the VUCA world. Just like Gandhiji, the legendary man who transcended past the time said, “Don’t expect the world to change rather, Be the change you want to see in this world”!

Let’s embrace the change for the greater good and make the safety lifestyle a contended choice rather than a compulsion.

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