Here’s the most Reliable & Economic Solution to Keep Your Businesses Open!

Little did we know that the year 2020 could disrupt all of our long-term goals and plans in the blink of an eye. No contingency plans or backups came in handy to protect the World from a breakdown! As you read this, neither businesses, employees, nor common people have been able to return to normalcy in their routines.

Would institutions and businesses be able to withstand another breakdown? What’s the best way to ensure business continuity at all times? With all these questions in mind, “Staying safe and protecting ourselves is the best way forward!”
‘MY’- the World’s first Safety Lifestyle Brand was started with this vision to make safety a lifestyle choice that helps people transition smoothly into the New Normal without making the people feeling compelled or forced to adapt to the changes.

To tell a little about what we do,

About ‘MY’:

‘MY’, World’s first Safety Lifestyle Brand is a start-up that offers simple yet sustainable solutions to help people adapt to the new normal keeping in mind their safety and protection. All products at ‘MY’ are designed to integrate with our ecosystem, like our everyday products but with a safety quotient. ‘MY’ products are all designed and manufactured by the best in India, whilst adhering to the global standards to ensure plug and play for customers around the world.

How can you ensure safety at your workplace with ‘MY’ safety gear?

In India, several lock downs and countless restrictions severely affected all types of movements across states, due to which daily businesses had to shut down. Now that we are trying to slowly return to normalcy and businesses are functioning with a 50% strength, every employer must be concerned about their employee's safety since workers are the ones who keep the wheels of a company turning all the time.


Here are 4 tips that will help ensure the safety of your employees!

1. Ensuring Safety at Offices/ Businesses

Many offices and software companies are allowed to resume their work with 50% of staff while others had to work from home. In such scenarios, the safety of employees has to be the utmost priority. Whenever any employee enters the office, they first have to be checked for their body temperature, and they should sanitize their hands properly.
Their cubicles or tables also can be sanitized thoroughly using a handheld UV sanitizer like 'MY’ UV One.

my uv one portable uv sterilizer

This portable sanitizer is powered with UV rays and delivers top-notch safety and protection for your workplace since it kills 99.96% of all known bacteria and viruses in under 40 seconds. It also ensures mess-free and hassle-free sanitization of any object ranging from files to packages within a single flash.


2. How To Keep your canteen/ cafeteria Pandemic Proof?

Canteens and cafeterias at the workplace can be the living and resting place of millions of microbes including, potential pathogens like COVID-19. One because it is commonplace for many employees who take a break between their busy work schedule and two because it’s the place where food is served, it becomes host to many insects like houseflies and mosquitoes that act as potential carriers in transmitting the disease. Also, this place remains one of the busiest places during short coffee breaks. These places should be kept hygienic during these testing times to avoid the spread of infection.

Cutlery, cups, mugs, and plates should be thoroughly washed and sanitized before usage. By installing a sanitizer box such as 'MY’ UV Safe, you can sanitize anything available in your canteen without worries.

my uv safe - uv sterilizer box

This 40-liter sanitization box serves as a one-stop solution and sterilizes anything ranging from snack packets to spoons within 2-5 minutes. Powered by UV-C and certified by DSIR and CPCSEA, this provides ultimate safety at your canteen or cafeteria.


3. Keep Your Running Industries Without a Pause!

Industries are the backbone of a country so; they have to work constantly to fulfill all the needs of its citizens. Moreover, everyone who works in the industry should be given utmost importance since every small contribution makes a huge difference. There are many types of industries and, every industry has its way of ensuring safety precautions at its manufacturing sites or workplace. Moreover, employers and managers should ensure that each of their workers gets proper PPE kits or face-masks.
People working in heavy-duty industries may have to work alongside the pollution. In such situations, they can use face masks with enhanced protection capabilities. Innovative startups like 'MY' have come up with sustainable face-masks like Series 1 Antiviral Mask inbuilt with activated carbon and copper filters within its triple action layers. This face mask prevents 99.96% of germs, including COVID-19, and tackles pollutants along with harmful gases like Sulfur Oxide (SOx) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) with a considerable lifespan of 180 days (6 months) while being fully washable.workforce can "breathe free" and work without any hassle with ‘MY’ Mask Series 1. 


Antiviral mask series 1

4. Make sure the commute doesn’t affect your business continuity:

Your Employees might have to travel to work using public transportation. Buses and metros are the hotspot for the virus to transmit easily and in such common places it is all the more essential for your employees to be protected with the best safety gear that will not just protect them from being prone to the viral strike through but in turn, assure that your Business can continue to operate without any hiccups.
How is this possible? PPE kits are now outdated because they are not just mundane but also have a low utilitarian benefit. The main drawback is that these are not sustainable! They are not just adding extra burden to the wearer but also to the mother earth serving a reason for more interruptions in the future. To stop this from happening and also make the wearer feel comfortable, ‘MY’ has introduced its newest range of safety gear in the apparel section with ‘MY’ Antiviral Overalls.

my antiviral overalls

These overalls are extremely user-friendly and can be worn & taken off on the go without any hassle. Not only are these overalls handy and sustainable but they are also aesthetically appealing. The wearer can continue using this Overall for almost a year without having to worry about the safety aspect because their protection is elegantly taken care of!
This is the most economic and simple solution to the problem of what if my employees get affected by the virus which might lead to my Business being shut down for operation! This scenario could be nullified by ‘MY’ Antiviral overall.


Let’s catch you up on a little secret:

Our products are all certified by Organisations and lab-tested for efficiency! ‘MY’ UV One is certified for its bacterial and virucidal efficiency by DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) and CPCSEA (Committee for Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals). ‘MY’ Mask is tested for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and all our products are heavily tested and certified for foolproof delivery by third-party laboratories. The best part? We stand by the principle that “Seeing is believing” That’s exactly why all our test reports are available for public access on the ‘MY’ website and the users can feel free to download the same as well!
Even though the pandemic has brought drastic changes to the economy and society, it is always important to ensure safety and protective measures for your employees and workforce as they are the driving force of your Company’s unprecedented growth! By adapting and switching to cutting-edge safety tech and by making conscious safety choices, you can be certain of your employees’ improved productivity and they will be able to contribute effectively in taking your company to great heights despite the pandemic since "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
- Helen Keller


handheld uv sterilizer

uv sterilizer machine


Antiviral mask series 1


antiviral overalls



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