Is your mask giving you Maskne?

Is your mask giving you Maskne

Our skin is the reflection of all the toxic filtration carried out by our body. I know I am sounding a bit too bio-technical here! All I mean to say is, 

“Your skin shows how you are doing inside”

Your skin shows how you are doing inside

Many youngsters both male and female complain of getting pimples, acne, rashes, heat boils etc. on their skin frequently. There are a lot of beauty related products available in the market claiming to resolve this problem and people are marketed into following a lot of chemical skincare routine. But the harsh reality is, to put off this problem, the root cause should be identified and alarmingly, to top the unhealthy food habit list is Pollution.

“Pollution is the new Serial Killer”

Pollution is the new Serial Killer

I am sure that our forefathers and great grandmothers will have never imagined that we would yearn to breathe fresh air without having to wear a mask nor would they have thought in their wildest dreams that sanitizers would become our New Normal. But now that so much has changed and we are compelled to follow a lifestyle that we never thought would happen, making the right choices is all the more necessary because at least we get to choose how we want to protect ourselves.

Like it or not, Masks have now become a part of our lifestyle and from weddings to grocery shopping, it has become a day-to-day necessity just like the clothes we wear. Most of us, including me, complain about having to follow this regime every time we step out but one thing we are missing out here is, viruses aside, masks actually protect us from inhaling all the vehicle and Industry smoke and poisonous gases that we are forced to breathe otherwise. 

“Pollution has become more so intense that breathing fresh air for people living in urban areas has become a dream”

The right Anti-Pollution mask can actually protect your lungs from all the impurities and helps you in breathing cleaner and fresher air. You might want to check out 'MY' Series 1 Anti-Pollution Mask India’s first triple action filter mask which blocks the SOx and NOx poisonous gases, pollutants, bacteria and viruses.

But here comes another problem. Continuous usage of masks on the facial skin which is very tender is capable of giving acne and if you have not come across this, Maskne is actually becoming quite a problem among the mask users these days. 

“Mask + Acne = Maskne”

We check for a mask’s filtration efficiency but do we check if the Mask will be easy on the skin? This is a criterion you have to check before you buy a mask next time. When we give so much importance to the dress, thinking twice if it will be comfortable, if it will suit the weather, will it be wrinkle-free, etc. the same question has to be asked for a piece of clothing that snuggles our nose and mouth throughout the day.

An improper fitted mask that is not smoothened around the edges is capable of giving you skin acne and that’s not purely because of your food habits or pollution as mentioned earlier but there might be another culprit you might be missing out from the suspect scene and that is,

“Your improperly fitted Mask”

improperly fitted Mask

You might ask me, Woah! So you are saying a mask should not only protect me from pollution but also make sure I am not getting Maskne?

Exactly! In fact, I have come bearing good news. There is a mask that will offer you 100% protection whilst still making sure you breathe seamlessly and is extremely soft on your tender skin, 'MY' Series 1 Anti-Pollution Mask.

*The major advantage with this mask is it’s not the regular one size fits all mask which holds your chin very tight and gives you marks and discomfort. 'MY' respects that every individual comes in different shapes and sizes and so does the nose and chin. To acknowledge this difference and make it comfortable for the user, MY Mask Series 1 comes in different sizes including S, M, L and XL.

Life is already difficult in these testing times. At least the Mask you choose should go easy on your skin. Right?

“Say Bye to Maskne and give your skin the best care it deserves!”

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