Is it really safe to send your kid back to School?

Kid back to school is safe

Online classes, work from home, Amazon, Netflix, and Swiggy has become a part of our lifestyle. But don’t you miss the fun of hanging out with your friends, coffee with your partner, watching a picture with the family, and going on dinner dates?

Nothing beats the satisfaction of being physically present, right? But the only question here is, “Is it safe?” When we hesitate to step out even for a haircut, how can you be sure that the School you send your kid to is safe?

Schools are planning to re-open and we keep hearing, “Adapting to the New Normal” everywhere. But how and what is this New Normal? Tweaking out lifestyle and making some changes is important but these changes should be desired and not compelled. The same applies when you send your kid back to School.

The kids of gen y and z expect to know the reason behind things and forcing them to do something is out of the window! So how to make your kid’s safety a fun and desirable lifestyle choice?

Mask your kid’s Nose and not the Dreams

Mask your kid’s nose

Children don’t adjust. A discomfort as small as a tight elastic ear loop can make your kid averse to wearing the mask. So, when you insist your kid wear a mask to school every day, be extra cautious to make sure if it fits them right. The question you must be asking yourself is, “Not if the mask look right but if it feels right for my kid’s safety”

Not paying attention to this detail may put off your kid from the whole idea of wearing a mask. Here are a few pointers to watch out for, every time you send your kid back to school.

  1. Does the mask perfectly seal my kid’s nose and lips?
  2. Is the elastic in the ear loop comfortable and stretch enough?
  3. Is the Mask too loose or too tight leaving marks?
  4. Does the mask protect from viruses?
  5. Does it protect from poisonous gases like SOx and NOx
  6. Does it stop the foul smell from seeping inside my kid’s nose?

Is there something called an Anti-Viral Mask?

Anti-Viral Mask for kids

While many mask manufacturers and retailers claim their masks to be medical and provide protection from diseases, what exactly goes into the masks and how the layers stop the transmission from spreading is something many don’t talk about. But this is a question you as a customer concerned about the wellbeing of your family and your kid’s safety should ask!

The masks that are made of cotton and cloth masks are simply a layer that does absolutely nothing in protecting you from the spread of disease. A medical or disposable one size fits all mask does not provide the right seal for your nose and lips. So, which mask should you trust to protect yourself and send your kid back to school without being stressed.

Remember, “Always read before you buy”! See what protection the mask offers. A mere anti-bacterial and anti-pollution mask will not suffice. An antiviral mask will only seal the deal for you in offering complete 360-degree pollution.

Very few Mask manufacturers, like 'MY' Protection make sure to tick this vital checklist. Amazingly, ‘MY’ brand is India’s first of a kind to offer a publicly downloadable test report and show the lab tested report of their Series 1 Antiviral Mask efficiency against bacteria, pollution, and virus.

Socks, yes but what is SOx?

I hear you! Despite finding the right pair of socks, what is this Sox now that you should be looking out for? Sox and NOx stand for Sulphur oxide and Nitrous oxide, both of which are poisonous gases for your lungs when you inhale it in. Shockingly, SOx and NOx are the most commonly present pollutants in the atmosphere now. This makes it all the more important to check if your mask offers protection from this, leaving no stones unturned in your kid’s safety.

When you take your kid back to school, just imagine the pollution, smoke, and impurities he/she might be consuming. 

“An average kid inhales more oxygen that an adult”

Expecting the World to change overnight with lesser fuel emission and replacements with electrical vehicles is not in our hands. But what is within our limitation is, ensuring that this does not affect our health.

Ewww! That smells yucky, I am not eating this!

That smells yucky, I am not eating this

Hiding those Brussel sprouts, cabbages, broccoli, egg yolk and fish inside your kid’s food can be the worst nightmare of every parent. All the efforts can be wasted the minute the kid catches the smell of any of it. The next second you hear is eww, yuck, no and that’s about it!

When kids make so much drama and fuss over a smell, imagine driving them through roads with open drainages, sewage, garbage cans, industry smoke, and cigarette puffs. Have you ever thought a mask could come to your rescue from all of this?

The perfect mask not only protects you from the bacterial and viral strikethroughs but also goes a notch above in blocking you from any strong aura like that of perfume and from the foul pungent smell as that of garbage and drainage. 

Well, I sense your question! Is there one mask that does all the three jobs, of protecting you from viruses, SOx, and NOx and stops the bad smell from seeping in? I have come bearing good news! India’s first triple action filter Mask.

‘MY’ Mask Series 1 is the only one out there in the market which provides the best solution for all the 3 problems that we are bound to encounter. Leave no compromises or regrets when you send your kid back to school!

“Be wise and make the right choice”

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