Here’s how a change in your lifestyle can help end the lockdown!

A lockdown has different aspects associated with it, which are connected. When a part of it is affected, then everything falls into a state of jeopardy. Thus, an individual must be aware of up to what extent that he or she can contribute towards preventing a lockdown. Moreover, our country has so many people who depend upon daily wages and business. Thus, we must adapt accordingly to the current situation so that none of them gets to suffer. We should also support and care for each other in these challenging times.

Being Socially Responsible

Being Socially Responsible

As an individual, I have already begun to change my lifestyle to ensure that I follow all safety precautions. In the beginning, fitting into the new normal seemed difficult, then I realized that it is not just about getting along with the situation, but it is an absolute priority. The sooner we realize it, the better our society will surpass this grave situation. Today, we could look at how our city's healthcare system has been working tirelessly after the second wave of the pandemic had taken a toll on our country. We should be grateful for their efforts and at the same time as an individual, it is our responsibility to follow the safety guidelines wherever we go. Wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands at regular intervals and maintaining social distance is imperative during these times.

Now or Never

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Being ignorant of the current scenario even after being aware of it is similar to searching for a path in an abyss. We have been advised, by health professionals to wear masks to prevent the higher rate of transmission, but it all depends upon how we as an individual implement it in our lives. Imposing a lockdown can be daunting so, we could work towards preventing it by doing our best. Some of the efficient solutions include wearing a Mask made of activated carbon and copper that not just filters the viruses but makes sure to kill them thereby helping you inhale the cleanest and safest air.

Activated Carbon and Copper

Other countries were amused at our country's ability to keep the corona cases under control during the first wave of the pandemic. The situation has completely changed since those countries have started helping our country with their resources. The graph is growing steeply every day now. Considering this, we certainly need to improve our lifestyle according to the New Normal. Maintaining personal safety and hygiene is vital during this period and, we also have to make changes in our daily habits to keep ourselves safe and sound. Besides sanitizing the most common touchpoints right from the packages, parcels, groceries, door handles and gadgets using an efficient Portable UV Sterilizer, simple things like staying hydrated and consuming freshly cooked food are some of the routines that you and I could follow every day to stay healthy and safe!

portable uv sanitizer

Being Conscious vs Conscientious

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Even though my city Coimbatore is a small district, the current count of people affected by the COVID virus has spiked significantly compared to the last year since the city has a 6.21 % positivity rate currently, which is more than the national average, 5.71 %. The state of Tamil Nadu has also recorded a significant single-day surge of 26,465 new COVID-19 cases, and it has expected that the infection might rise to 60,000 persons each day in this State alone. Many blame elections and events like Kumbha Mela for the spike in COVID -19 cases but, nobody takes time to think whether they as an individual followed safety precaution. We have to work towards sustaining our lives in this pandemic rather than collapsing it.

Dreams Drifted Away

Being Conscious vs Conscientious

You see, many would have had many plans and, countless of them would have been looking forward to starting a new phase in their life, career or be it any face of their life but, this pandemic ruined all of our most awaited dreams and ambition. Even, I was looking forward to pursuing my higher education in a different city, but then the lockdown; locked down all of my options.

Also, there would have been innumerable who just wanted to pack their bags and wanted to go on vacation desperately. Instead, everyone had to travel from kitchen to bedroom, where fridges became hill stations while balconies became beaches. Therefore, don't worry that you had to change your plans in the nick of time but instead, be optimistic and take your own time before beginning anything else.

Guess what? I will let you in on a secret. You can travel safely after the lockdown is released with a Pocket UV Sanitizer that you can carry on the go by having it in your jacket, purse, pocket, travel bag and sanitizing all the common touchpoints along the way! Not only will this be your new Travel Buddy but it will make your travel much safer and stress-free with this certified gadget that will kill viruses and bacteria with 99.99% efficiency while still looking elegant and chic.

Pocket uv sterilizer

What Can Be Done?

We certainly cannot evade the restrictions imposed by the government. The state of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and many others have announced a complete lockdown. So, it is clear that we have to follow all the guidelines put down by the government and adapt ourselves to this New Normal. We have to be the change and, we need to stop expecting that someone will remind us of everything every time. We always have to remain conscientious about what we are doing and how it will affect other's lives. Through kindness, care, support, you and I, with one accord, can uplift the spirits of many preventing another lockdown in the future.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

-Mahatma Gandhi

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