How Can You Ensure Workplace Safety Post Lockdown?

Ever since the pandemic began, businesses and industries had a considerable setback globally. In India, several lockdowns and countless restrictions severely affected all types of movements across states, due to which daily businesses had to shut down. 

Amid all of these restrictions, industries and businesses of vital importance were allowed to resume ensuring that they work with safety measures within workplace or manufacturing sites. When most of the constraints post lockdown lifted, industries began to work as usual. So, every employer must be concerned about their employee's safety since workers are the ones who keep the wheels of a company turning all the time.

Ensuring Safety At Offices/ Businesses

Many offices and software companies were allowed to resume their work with 25% of staff while others had to work from home. In such scenarios, the safety of employees has to be the utmost priority. Whenever any employee enters the office, they first have to be checked for their body temperature, and they should sanitize their hands properly.

Their cubicles or tables also can be sanitized thoroughly using a handheld UV sanitizer like 'MY UV One'. It delivers top-notch safety and protection for your workplace since it kills 99.96% of germs in under 40 seconds. It also ensures mess-free and hassle-free sanitization of anything ranging from files to packages within a single flash.

Portable uv handheld sanitizer

How To Keep Canteen Pandemic Proof

Canteens at the workplace can be the living and resting place of millions of microbes including, potential pathogens like COVID-19. Also, it remains one of the busiest places during short coffee breaks. These places should be kept hygienic during these testing times to avoid the spread of infection.

Cutlery, cups, mugs and plates should be thoroughly washed and  sanitized before usage. By installing a sanitizer box such as 'MY UV Safe', you can sanitize anything available in your canteen without worries. This 40-litre sanitization box serves as a one-stop solution and sterilizes anything ranging from snack packets to spoons within 2-5 minutes. Powered by UV-C and certified by DSIR and CPCSEA, this provides ultimate safety at your canteen or mess.

40 littre uv sterilizer box my uv safe

Keep Your Running Industries Without A Pause!

Industries are the backbone of a country so, they have to work constantly to fulfil all the needs of its citizens. Moreover, everyone who works in the industry should be given utmost importance since every small contribution makes a huge difference. There are many types of industries and, every industry has its way of ensuring safety precautions at its manufacturing sites or workplace. Moreover, employers and managers should ensure that each of their workers gets proper PPE kits or face-masks.

People working in heavy-duty industries may have to work alongside the pollution. In such situations, they can use face masks with enhanced protection capabilities. Innovative startups like 'MY' have come up with sustainable face-masks like Mask Series 3 inbuilt with activated carbon and copper filters within its triple action layers.

Activated carbon and copper filters

This face mask prevents 99.96% of germs, including COVID-19 and tackles pollutants along with harmful gases like SOx and NOx with its additional PM2.5 replaceable particulate filter that lasts up to 42 hours. Your workers can breathe comfortably and work without any hassle with Mask Series 3.

my mask series 3 with replaceable particulate filter

Even though the pandemic brought drastic changes to the economy and society, it is always imperative to ensure safety and protective measures while you start working or while staying outdoors. By adapting and switching to cutting-edge and conscious choices, one can improve their work and take their company to great heights even during the pandemic since "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

- Helen Keller

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