How Can Safety Itself Become A New Lifestyle?

Today we are living a life that no one has ever imagined in our dreams. We would have surely dreamed about leading an extraordinary life, while environmentalists and scientists would have dreamed about making our world a better place to live.

Instead, we got caught up in a vicious veil that has darkened our lives. Now, the words like safety & protection are trending all over the globe. Yes, this is the COVID-19 veil that I'm talking about that appeared out of nowhere and, it still rules with its corona.

Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) in Washington University, which maintains a database of worldwide statistical reports of Covid-19, predicted a mid-May peak for India. It shows that, by August 2021, India would record a devastating 1.04 million deaths. But if the country followed a universal masking policy, IHME predicted the mortality numbers would drop by 250,000 to around 880,000”.  Considering this, let us see how we can lead a safe lifestyle amidst this COVID-19 season.

Plan A: Boost Your Immunity

When it comes to defending something foreign in origin, we first must get our greatest weapon ready. In this case, it is your immunity that acts as a humongous weapon against the COVID-19. Give your immunity a good boost by taking in nutritious food so that it can help your body fight against the virus effectively.

Boost your immunity

The food that you consume should keep you active and fit as well. Staying hydrated also helps a lot since it improves your metabolism and pushes out the toxins present in your system. Try exercising and meditating whenever possible to keep your body fresh, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Plan B: Changing Lifestyle Habits

Resisting COVID-19 with a normal lifestyle will not be enough so, we need to adapt to a lifestyle that is safer, simple, and sustainable at the same time. You can start blending safer practices into your normal lifestyle by wearing masks indoors as well as outdoors. Also, try wearing a face mask that tackles both pollution and the virus if you are residing in a highly polluted area.

You can find such a formula in 'MY' Mask Series 3 with Particulate Filter. It is an anti-viral and anti-pollution mask that can filter particles up to PM 2.5, letting you breathe comfortably all day long. Nobody would have imagined a situation where wearing a mask would become new normal in future and would gain more importance than any other thing. Choosing and wearing a face mask can be a small decision but, it sure has substantial consequences in your life and other's lives.

mask series 3 with particulate filter

Plan C: Follow Good Hygiene Practices

While leading a safety lifestyle, hygiene also should be given vital importance since microbes are everywhere affecting our lives and, we can't ignore them. Following hygienic practices includes keeping your surface like doorknobs, gadgets and all objects clean and sanitizing them regularly. When your surrounding is clean, you will stay safer from harmful viruses and bacteria.

To ensure good sterilization of your common touchpoints, you can use 'MY' UV One portable sterilizer that kills 99.96% of virus and bacteria in under 40 seconds. This UV pocket sterilizer can be your perfect travel partner and, your life will become much better with this palm-sized device. You and your family can feel protected every time with this handheld sterilizer. Whenever you are outdoors, follow social distancing and sanitize your hands and your surroundings regularly.

my uv one portable uv sanitizer

We could have come across many lifestyle strategies and ideas and, we would have unique perspectives on how to maintain a healthy life. Despite having many lifestyle options out there to choose from, we must keep safety as our first and foremost priority since we can't predict how things could turn out in the future.

Maybe even our future may depend on safety-based lifestyle practices that may lead us to live a better and safer life. Living amidst many potent pollutants and pathogens, we have to be aware of what could happen if we did not take necessary precautionary steps. So, we should start living a safer lifestyle from this minute since it’s, “Better to be safe than sorry!”.

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