Experience stress-free sanitization with 'MY' UV One Portable UV Sterilizer

Stress free sanitization with my uv one

According to the most used gadgets of the year 2020; cell phones, headphones, laptops, USB, and portable Wi-Fi tops the list. Using gadgets is cool and spending on the best gadgets has become a lifestyle comparison ratio these days in our society. No matter what gadget and model you own, what matters now is the amount of time you spend using it, and how frequently you hold or touch them with your hands.

Why are we talking about touch points here? All of us are aware that viruses like COVID spread mostly through contact and since gadgets are the constantly used mediums, they serve as hotspots for viruses to stay alive and serve as a mode of transmission. Sanitizing or sterilizing the gadgets after every use is particularly important to stay safe from these disease-causing bacteria and germs.

But the major problem here is, how to sanitize? Imagine searching for hand sanitizers or washing the hands with soap and water a hundred times a day! This is a nightmare. There should be an easy solution to this. Right? ‘MY’ UV One Portable UV Sterilizer.

Can the UV Sterilizer fit in my bag?

Can the UV Sterilizer fit in my bag

UV Sterilizer fitting in your bag is an understatement. ‘MY’ UV One Portable UV Sterilizer is super small and light-weight that you can carry in your jeans or pocket and take it anywhere you go. The hand-held UV Sterilizer is superbly agile and stunningly versatile that the possibilities with this device are endless.

And the best part- it compliments your gadgets while keeping you completely safe before and after every swipe and swish of your mobile or laptop.

Wondering how it works?

Wondering how portable uv sterilizer works

‘MY' UV One switches on and turns off with a gentle one time press of the power button. The Pocket UV Sterilizer is designed and engineered in India to serve as the first device that keeps any surface sanitized with 99.99% efficiency from all bacteria and viruses. You can even check the virucidal report generated by third-party laboratories available after heavily testing it for proof of its efficiency.

(Virucidal_Activity_report_of_UV_Laser_Device-K3_Group.pdf (shopify.com))

When ‘MY’ UV One Portable UV Sterilizer is pointed from a distance of 7 cm at any inanimate object, the rays from the UV-C lights instilled in the device starts its job of sterilization. The whole process is intimated to the user with the help of four yellow lights, with each light going off at 10-second intervals. At the 40th second when all the 4 lights are out, you can be 100% certain that the surface is thoroughly sterilized from all viruses and bacteria and you are safety ready!

A perfect marriage of ergonomics and elegance

A perfect marriage of ergonomics and elegance

The UV One pocket UV sterilizer is so perfectly designed that anybody would stop by to take a second look! Sturdy to hold and stylish to see, this device uses the latest in technology and material design to last longer. With a single charge from any USB Type-C charger, the UV One can sustain for 70 flashes, which is roughly about one workday.


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