Color, Color, what color do you want?

Color, Color, what color do you want

Doesn't this phrase take you back to your childhood days? I am sure most of you would agree that childhood days are the most cherished memories in life. What's hurting is children of this generation (Gen Z) although gifted with advanced equipment, gadgets, toys, and amenities, in the name of modernization are not experiencing the basic joy of playing in the sand under the hot sun, running without shoes, and jumping inside the whatever for a swim just at the sight of it.

When I look at the options for toys and dresses a kid has on Amazon, I wouldn't lie that I feel a little jealous that we never had many options when we were growing up but when I look at them enjoying their pasta, playing with electric toys, watching YouTube on their tabs and learning from an online platform, I am taken aback as to how much these kids are losing in life.

All this has got me thinking if this change in our lifestyle is the root cause for the pandemic that we are experiencing right now. The same World that taught us to embrace each other, greet each other with a handshake or hug, hold hands when in fear, shoulder our friend's problems is now teaching us the importance of social distancing, not to share, not to touch each other and so on.

As ironical as all this might sound, the harsh reality is, THIS is the New Normal. If you are reading this article and asking me if there is a solution or a Midas touch to solve all the problems that can bring our lives to normalcy, there is!

"Making Safety and Protection a part of our everyday lifestyle"

Making Safety and Protection a part of our everyday lifestyle

Wearing a mask, sanitizing, and staying inside the walls just to follow some government rule or regime will not help us move forward in our journey. We have progressed and advanced so much that our immunity, fitness, and tolerance level have dropped crazy while our stress, pressure, and exhaustion levels have shot up the roof.

"The only way to balance this perfectly imbalanced equation is to bring in the Safety and Protection quotients in our lifestyle"

What's more challenging is to educate this lifestyle to our children. We have passed down the worst to our children and it's our responsibility to at least try to salvage this situation by making them understand the importance of safety and wellbeing and how important it is to protect themselves, their friends, and loved ones from all the pollution, viruses, bacteria there is! 

They say" A journey of a hundred miles starts with a single step"

Similarly, the first thing to do is never force your children to do something. Things taught out of compulsion will be either be forgotten or practiced only due to fear and the moment when they sense that no one is monitoring them, it just goes out of the window. How to make yourself aware then and teach your kid to adapt to this New Normal?

1.Always ask yourself why you are doing it?

The best way to make yourself practice a new routine and make it a part of your lifestyle is by asking yourself the 5 questions (Why, What, When, Where, and How). Only when you try to answer these questions, will you make a conscious decision to make it your habit.

The same applies to Safety as well. When it comes to something as simple as purchasing an Anti-pollution mask for your protection. Ask yourself the 5 questions and make sure you ask these questions before purchasing your Mask as well. Remember, the safest mask will not only look and feel comfortable on your skin but will offer protection against all 3 problems- Bacteria, Pollution, and Viruses.

The Activated Carbon and Copper filters are the only ones that offer 99.96% filtration against all 3 threats in one go! So, make a conscious decision and don't forget to ask the right question.

2. Add Colors to your life

Life after COVID is pretty slow, confined and most of the time is spent in solitude. However, it doesn't have to be this way when the right precautions which include making and practicing safety as a lifestyle choice. Any new habit will take time to settle down into our systems but once this becomes a part of our lifestyle, there is nothing that can stop us from doing what we love and there will not be breakdowns and shutdowns anymore.

To add variety to your bland black Anti-pollution Masks you are wearing, try to add colors to your life, just like the game we used to play in our childhood days.

"Color, Color what color do you want?"
My Mask Series 1 anti pollution mask comes with 4 different colors

Even the mask that offers the best protection from all 3 risks like Pollution, Viruses, and Bacteria, comes with an exciting color palette. Check out 'MY' Series 1 Anti-Pollution Mask which is India's first Triple Action filter Mask that is Anti-viral, Anti-Pollution, and Anti-Bacterial, made with layers of Activated carbon and copper offering 99.96% filtration and also comes with a downloadable test report. For, "The proof of the pudding is in eating".

What does the color say about you?

The color says a lot about your personality. For example 'MY' Mask Series 1 comes in a range of colors from yellow, blue, white, and black (for customers) and for bulk orders, the mask comes with an AI-designed customizable mask builder where Institutions and Businesses can select the color, upload logo and review all of it in real-time before placing the order.

Now let's see what your pick of color tells about you!

Yellow Color:

Let's say your pick is yellow! I am no astrologer but it is proven by a behavioral and psychological study that you are a warm, vibrant and colorful person that is full of life and energy, just like the sun.

My Series 1 anti pollution mask comes with yellow color


You like to keep yourself and your loved ones happy and you are so fun to be around! Right from exploring new things to making calculated risks, your decision-making is more often a success.

Black Color:

You are fearless! You like to play safe but you always make the best out of your situation. Right from making the right choices on what works the best for you to make your unique mark in whatever you do, you are an achiever.

MY anti pollution mask with black color


Blue Color:

Calmness and Serenity are the two words that define you! Just like the blue sky and the river that seem never to end, you are so focused, intelligent, calm, and serene that anybody would enjoy your presence.

blue color face mask with anti pollution filters


White Color:

Pure! Your thinking and heart are just as pure as you are. You are also a person of detail and perfection and hate clutter in life. Your choices are clear, distinct, and love peace.

White color anti pollution face mask with triple action filter

Whatever color you pick from the list, apart from guessing the type of person you are, you can be sure that 'MY' Mask Series 1 lasts for 6 whole months (180 days) without the need for new masks every once in a while and the best part, the Mask requires only 1 wash cycle per week. All this means that irrespective of the color, your choice of this Mask shows that you are a clear thinker, visionary, and a forward-thinking person who thinks about the environment, future, and sustainability.

Make these 2 changes in your life and I am sure you will not only stay safe from any break-outs in the future but you will also leave a better tomorrow for your generations to come!

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