5 Safety Checklists To Get Your School Safety Ready

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the astronomical headline around the globe since the last year. The Nano-sized virus moved mountains, severely affecting everyone in almost all aspects, be health or profession. The virus kept mutating itself to survive and correct its own genetic mistakes that led to many losing their lives in the process. This deadly virus has made us look at safety and protection from an ultimately new perspective. Moreover, we should also understand that this is a long-term problem that needs sustainable safety measures. COVID-19 may not be the only pandemic we will be facing and, there are many others to come, for which we have to be ready and prepared.

Amid these testing times, some state governments have brought up plans to reopen schools in August and September. Parents are worried and stressed about sending their kids to school, considering the current scenario and safety concerns. On the other hand, educational institutions are concerned about maintaining safety at their campus. So, let us look at some of the checklists that can get your school safety ready instantly.

1.How Can You Train Your Teachers / Staff?

train your staff

The foremost step towards achieving safety at your campus comes from training and educating students, teachers and other staff. You must instruct them with proper guidelines to follow. Moreover, you have to emphasize the significance of wearing a face mask and adopting good safety practices while interacting with the class. By guiding them, they will help you in maintaining a pandemic proof campus.

2.One Step Towards Sustainable Safety

One Step Towards Sustainable Safety

Many spend a significant portion of their income on their health, safety and wellness. But, we have to realize that by adapting to sustainable safety measures, we could save our earth while keeping ourselves protected. Using sustainable products or brands also help in saving money in the long term. Instead of using single-use fabric masks, you can switch to face masks that are sustainable and washable.

You have to choose a face mask ideal for kids since not all face masks available in the market are designed to fit their faces. Additionally, they also have to be comfortable, breathe-free and certified so that you can ensure that your students are getting top-notch protection against harmful viruses. Face masks with activated carbon and copper filters along with triple-action layers are the best masks available that you can give to their students.

3.Is Vaccination Mandatory?

Is Vaccination Mandatory?

Students may not be able to vaccinate since only people above 18 years can get vaccinated. However, you must ensure whether your staff have got vaccinated or not, at least with one dose. Also, the government is now planning booster vaccine that would reduce the effect of the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus. So, you should make vaccination mandatory if you reopen the school.

4.Making Canteen Pandemic Proof

Making Canteen Pandemic ProofThe school canteen is a student's favorite place during recess. But this canteen can be the living area of millions of microbes.

Therefore, things like spoons, plates and cups have to be sanitized thoroughly after every use. Also, if your school has a kitchen, you should ensure the utensils have been thoroughly sanitized or not. Regular alcoholic sanitizers are not the best option when it comes to sanitizing common touch-points. Instead, you can switch to an innovative handheld UV Sanitizer Wand or UV Sanitizer Box that would make sanitizing process mess-free and hassle-free. UV sanitizers offer ultimate protection against 99.96% germs and help keep up with the hygiene routine at your school canteen or mess.

5.Maintaining Overall Safety

Maintaining Overall Safety

Every single thing plays a vital role in keeping safety at the campus. So you have to keep your offices, staff rooms, libraries and classrooms clean and safe. Maintaining social distance among students and teachers is also imperative. Moreover, you should check for body temperature if someone wants to enter your class or campus. Always keep hand sanitizers in each corridor for students, staff and teachers to use. If you find someone infected with the virus, advise them to take sick leave and ask them to rest or ask students to come to school with a COVID-19 negative test report on the reopening day of your school.

With all these five safety checklists, you can reopen your school without any stress. The pandemic did bring significant changes in everyone's life, but that is not the end. We have a long way to go and, there is much more waiting in the future that could surprise and perplex humanity. But, if we work together and integrate innovative, safer and sustainable solutions into our lifestyle, we will be able to rise again from any situation that nature puts forth. Since at the end of the day, "Safety is not expensive, it is priceless".

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