3 ways how UV Sterilizer can make you look cool

3 ways how UV Sterilizer can make you look cool

If you are a person that loves to keep up with the trend, stays up to date when it comes to fashion, a gadget lover, cleanliness freak, or puts safety as your priority then my prediction says that you are going to fall in love with this Portable UV Sterilizer.

MY UV One is engineered with built-in UV rays that make any surface or commonly used touchpoints sterilized in about 20 seconds. The process is completely mess-free and edgy that you will feel and look cool every time you take out this gadget from your pocket, handbag, or pouch.

I will reveal the 3 ways how this gadget can make you look cool by taking 3 different scenarios.

1.Your new travel buddy

New travel buddy portable uv sterilizer

Let's say you have to travel to your best friend's wedding. You have got to be there for her special day, despite this viral strike through. However, you have elderly people at home and are concerned about their safety as well. What will you do now?

Neither can you compromise on your family's well-being nor can you hold yourself back from attending your bestie's wedding. You don't have to choose between the two because you can have both! Wondering how? You see, Safety and Protection are the New Normal. Confining ourselves within the 4 walls and getting anxious about every single news that's projected on TV or Newspaper is not the best way out.

Fear about Safety is alright but that fear shouldn't hold you back from doing things. Taking proper precautions and making Safety and Protection our daily lifestyle choice is the only way to prevent another breakdown from happening.

With the Portable UV Sterilizer in your bag, pouch, or jean pocket, traveling becomes stress-free and stylish. Whenever you come in contact with common touchpoints like baggage handlers, passenger seats, food tray, water bottles, trolleys, passport, ticket, escalator arm rails, lift panel, etc. you take out ‘MY’ UV One Travel Buddy, scan any surface for just about 20 seconds and you will be 99.99% safe against any bacterial or viral transmission.

How cool is that?

Cool Pocket uv sanitizer

2. Pairs with your Gadgets

Gadgets uv sterilizer

Your gadgets, especially the cell phone is the most commonly used device. According to the survey conducted by text request, they say that on average we check our phones nearly 150 times a day and we reach out to our phones nearly once every 6 minutes. As shocking as this might sound, it is the truth, and with the threats due to transmission getting serious and the number of affected people raising every day, we must sanitize our gadgets including our most frequently used cell phones before every time we touch or swipe.

The next question is, how do I sanitize my device and how can UV One make me look cool?

Spraying the alcoholic sanitizer on the screen is a not-so-cool idea because not all phones are waterproof and we simply cannot risk damaging the gadget. So, what do we do? The best way to tackle this situation is by using a UV light-powered Hand-held sterilizer that sanitizes all the bacteria, germs, and viruses in one go! 

For example, 'MY' UV One Portable UV Sterilizer is built with UV-C lights and it has a one-touch power button. When you press the button and flash it on your cell phone, laptop, tab, keyboard, biometric scanner, etc. the UV rays from the device sanitizes all your edgy-looking gadgets in one go!

Seeing is believing. So, check out the proof of efficiency with a downloadable test report that is available on the website for public access. Is that cool?

3.Complements you!

pocket uv sanitizer

‘MY’ UV One is engineered with the best-in-class APS Blend and UV-C lights that it looks extremely elegant and agile at the same time. This portable UV Sterilizer is designed to look like a spaceship and it complements your outfit, accessories, gadgets, and you!

When you carry UV One with you, be sure to be the centre of attraction. Ergonomic and weighing as light as a feather, this device fits in your palm and once you start using it, you’ll love it so much that you simply cannot forget carrying it with you wherever you go and making it a part of your lifestyle.

Supercool isn’t it?

Making Safety and Protection a part of our lifestyle is the only way forward to creating a sustainable tomorrow where there will be no breakdowns again. If a UV Sterilizer can make our life easier and 99.99% safer, why not make this gadget a part of our lifestyle?

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