3 Reasons why UV-C Sanitizer is effective than your Hand Sanitizer

3 Reasons why UV-C Sanitizer is effective than your hand sanitizer

The wide array of scented sanitizers that fills your hand with the aura of rose, lavender, jasmine, and orange are so exciting and refreshing to even think about. But just imagine sanitizing your hand with the scented sanitizers and directly touching the food or edible items to feed your kid, pet, or yourself! 

As intimidating as it may sound, ever since the COVID-19 Pandemic, hand sanitizers have become the new normal for all of us spanning across borders and boundaries. We were initially strongly advised to wash our hands regularly with soap and water but we humans, love anything that makes our lives simple. Hand sanitizers, with one press, did the job of killing the germs for us and we happily switched over. But the aftermaths of using this easier option over and over again is potentially harmful and threatening for our wellness.

1.Your Immunity goes for a toss: 

Your Immunity goes for a toss

When the cold gel or solution of isopropyl alcohol touches your hand with a slight tingling sensation, it starts its process of killing every bacteria and germ it encounters, but the point to note here is, along with the harmful bacteria; the hand sanitizer liquid kills the good bacteria needed for improving your immunity as well. Although some might argue that germs and bacteria are a bad thing and biologically, they are disease-causing organisms; all bacteria are typically not bad. There are good ones that are significantly important to improve our immunity levels. 

“The weaker our immunity system gets, the more prone we become to contract any disease that comes along the way”.

Since hands are the predominantly used means for eating, touching the food, and cooking; using hand sanitizers to help kill the germs might not be a very good alternative to disinfecting.

2.The alcohol you should not be excited about

alcohol you should not be excited about

Human beings are generally a touchy, feely species. Anything we can feel, we believe that it works. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centre for Disease Control recommend ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or a mix of both in the hand sanitizers with a concentration of 60% to 95%. (5 Hidden Dangers of Hand Sanitizers - TheStreet) Such a high concentration of non-recommended alcohol for ingestion can cause serious life threats if consumed regularly without washing the hands with soap before anything edible is taken to the mouth.

Sometimes what we see or feel might not be completely true”

Also, sanitizing the hand with this highly concentrated solution and standing before the stove to cook food can be very dangerous as we might all know that alcohol easily catches fire.

3.Life might be harsh but a solution should not

Life might be harsh but a solution should not

The hand sanitizer contains paraben and the scented ones which you think keeps your hand filled with aroma, are mostly loaded with toxic chemicals. Companies in general are not required to disclose the chemical composition of the fragrance they use and hence obviously the reason why it is loaded with toxins.

Moreover, using the sanitizers day in and out on your soft and smooth skin can make it dry, itchy and some solutions also can end up giving allergic reactions if your skin is too sensitive to handle the harsh chemicals packed inside the bottle of so-called disinfectant.

“A simple solution to most problems is not having a solution at all”

By now, I guess we all know what solution we are talking about here. Hand Sanitizer! If we keep saying that this solution is not good enough then what is the next alternative to staying safe and being protected against the threats of bacteria and viruses? Everyday innovations keep coming up, offering better alternatives to its previously existing counterparts and some are genuinely more sustainable and beneficial than others. And one such practical Innovation to help us stay protected in style is a hand-held Portable UV Sterilizer.

A Magic Wand that kills viruses?

A Magic Wand that kills viruses

Imagine a protective magic wand that slays the disease-causing organisms while looking extremely elegant and weighing as light as it possibly can! That’s the design and ergonomics of the one press Portable UV Sterilizer, ‘MY’ UV One.(https://gadgets.ndtv.com/videos/a-uv-sanitiser-in-your-pocket-my-uv-one-review-568446)

This device is engineered with UV-C lights that when pointed on any inanimate object at a distance of 7 cm kills any life-threatening bacteria and viruses in just 40 seconds. And the super cool feature of this Portable sterilizer is its state-of-the-are tilt-sensor. The minute we tilt the device facing us, the UV-C light automatically cuts off ensuring ultimate safety. 

The report for its virucidal activity can be found here:

Virucidal_Activity_report_of_UV_Laser_Device-K3_Group.pdf (shopify.com)

“Safety and protection are the new normal but making the right lifestyle choice is up to us”

Making an informed decision is very important because in the process we understand the advantages and disadvantages of the alternatives and make a decision that best suits our well-being. Looking for easier options that make our life simple holds good for the busy schedule we are all in but making the right choice is what makes us better.

Stay safe and protect yourselves and your loved ones by making the right choice today!

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