101: How To Remain Safe Amidst Intensifying Air Pollution

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According to World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution refers to the contamination of the indoor or outdoor environment by any chemical, physical or biological agent that modifies the natural characteristics of the atmosphere. This air pollution has been a persistent and largely concerning issue among many countries. Moreover, its history dates back even before the current technological and industrial developments.

The burning of wood during ancient times is considered the first ever known air pollution in history. The blackened lungs found in mummies in Peru, Egypt and Great Britain and complaints about smoke pollution in classical writings found in Rome are some of the instances that talk about air pollution.

Though air pollutants cause several respiratory diseases and death across the globe, it has also resulted in consequences such as global warming and climate change. Let us study how to remain safe amidst this intensifying air pollution while also reducing escalating global warming.

1. The Source and The Solution

Anti pollution face mask

Air pollution has been a pressing issue for many years. Some areas have a low air quality index due to high levels of particulate matter and toxic gases. Burning fossil fuels, unfiltered industrial exhaust, vehicular exhaust and poor waste management has led to a significant rise in pollution levels.

An increase in greenhouse gases such as CO2, methane and others have resulted in temperature rise globally. Therefore, switching to a lifestyle with proper waste management is imperative these days. Managing waste and switching to eco-friendly options can reduce the production of waste products extensively, thus helping in reducing global warming. Industries and factories should adhere to strict guidelines and should work to reduce emissions of toxic gases. Vehicle’s owners should also regularly service their vehicles to minimize any vehicular exhaust.

We also have to put in great efforts when it comes to reducing global warming. Moreover, staying safe amid the soaring air pollution should also be considered. Excessively polluted areas have blankets of smog and smoke surrounding the environment and atmosphere. This pollution might result in severe respiratory diseases, suffocation and even death due to regular exposure. Moreover, it was found air pollution acted as a catalyst aggravating COVID-19 cases too.

Using sustainable and innovative masks like 'MY' Series 3 will help you tackle the escalating air pollution and harmful germs amid uncertainty. With its unique anti-microbial and anti-pollution formula, Series 3 offers ultimate protection on the go and the additional replaceable particulate filter ingeniously traps pollutants as tiny as PM2.5 and other toxic gases effectively. This face mask proves to be eco-friendly and reliable, lasting up to 180 days with one wash cycle per week.

Moreover, 'MY' Series 3 Mask is better and effective compared to regular fabric masks as it is certified by DSIR and CPCSEA. Disposable face masks, in the end, pile up as biomedical waste and end up in the open burning or incineration process. Additionally, these disposable face masks have plastic in them as the main constituent that is not decomposable. Such waste also leads to water and land pollution. It is estimated that around 3 million masks are being used every minute, and burning such wastes around the globe could severely affect the environment.

Only by switching to effective anti-pollution, eco-friendly sustainable masks can we reduce the rising pollution and global warming while also staying safe and protected all times. By shifting to this tiny first step we could achieve greater results gradually.

2. Awareness and Safety Measures

Air pollution Awareness and Safety Measures

Some would not take air pollution and global warming as serious issues. They would ignore and continue with their daily routine without knowing how even a single choice could impact many lives around. Recycling, waste reduction and upcycling things would be the perfect solutions when trying to reduce pollution extensively. By choosing sustainable and eco-friendly options, we could reduce the accumulation of toxic and harmful wastes around us.

Being aware of sustainability is crucial these days and, we must work on avoiding things that might potentially harm the environment. Increasing air pollution and global warming is a result of our actions. So, we must act strategically to bring down pollution and global warming simultaneously by adapting to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Instead of going for masks made of plastic, you could go for the ones that are eco-friendly and decomposable.

3. Acting Upon The Change

Acting Upon The Change for anti pollution level

Initially, bringing upon the change might seem a bit difficult but when we shift to choices that do not harm the environment or aggravate air pollution, life would relatively become simple than before. This change will also definitely make us realize the power of being green and eco-friendly.

We have to ensure that we are making right decisions since everything is a chain of reaction. When one is affected, the other part also suffers. We have been a part of this world for millions of years and we should be consider making it a better place rather than making it hard for all. Being conscious about the choices is cardinal while working on it and making it a reality is in our hands.

Starting now is the only way through which we can make a positive impact around us and lives that live on this planet since, “When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves”!

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