10 ways to improve your Work From Home routine

Your home can be the best partner when it comes to making you feel comfortable and cozy. After a busy day, we come home hoping to relax. This scenario completely changed after the COVID-19 pandemic, since every task had to be now done, sitting in a chair all day long in a place where everything is a distraction. Being productive while staying and working from home can be a humongous task since you have to look at your household chores alongside your office work. These can drain you out both physically and mentally every day.

Sometimes, we would also lose motivation to get up and keep up with the hustle because of the homey atmosphere. It is a situation where everyone would have come across during this pandemic.

Here are some productivity hacks that you can follow to make work from home better and easier.

1. Analyze Your Sleep-Wake Cycle

Analyze Your Sleep-Wake Cycle

You are the best when it comes to analyzing when you are most active and most tired. Make a note of the time and part of the day when you are least tired so that you can complete your tedious tasks. By analyzing your body's rhythm, you will be able to find out whether you are a morning person or night person and thus, you can make the best out of everything.

2. Enhance your Creativity

Enhance your Creativity

Working at home can be distracting because there will be no one to tell you what you have to do every moment. As a result, we tend to procrastinate often and later on, we gradually become lazy and lose motivation to get up and work. To keep yourself motivated, you can maintain a journal where you can write down how your work allows you to achieve your goals and passion. Moreover, dressing up like you are going to the office every day will trick your mind into doing your job effectively.

3. Take a minute to break

Take a minute to break

Sitting continuously hours together and staring at your computer screens can make you feel stuck in a mundane cycle. Instead, you can take regular breaks for 10 minutes each and make yourself warm coffee or healthy juice. By using these intervals properly, you can work more efficiently.

4. Make a list of your tasks and prioritize them

Make a list of your tasks and prioritize them

If your work includes tasks ranging from simple to laborious then, you can prioritize it according to your schedule. You could keep track of your onerous tasks and try to break it into different parts so that it does not seem like a burden to you. Dividing one whole assignment into smaller segments and completing it during alternate periods will also help you work productively.

5. Update your to-do list

Update your to-do list

Keeping a journal and writing down all your experiences and expectations will aid you to be more productive. You can recapitulate on what you have done all day and, then you can jot down what you should do to meet your expectations and goals.

By repeating this daily, you might be able to find out where you have been lacking and where you should work to get better and efficient.

6. Look out for an ideal spot

Look out for an ideal spot 

Your office gives you the best environment and mindset to keep up with the hustle and bustle. To get the same energy and environment at your home, you have to find the right spot. The place should be calm and must be devoid of any distractions. When you work in such a place, you will be inclined to do your tasks better and faster than before.

7. Organize Your Thoughts and Space

Organize Your Thoughts and Space

When your mind and your working space is filled with demotivating and unclear things, it will make you feel melancholic and mundane. Your thoughts and your space should lift your spirits and make you feel comfortable. You can keep some plants or things that keep you happy on your desk.

Also, try to keep your workspace clean, hygienic and minimalist as much as possible to keep up the motivation and zeal within you. To ensure the utmost hygiene in your workspace and the gadgets around you, you can check out the innovative and sophisticated 'MY’ UV One Portable UV sterilizer that can sterilize your workspace in under 40 seconds with 99.9% germ-killing efficiency.

8. Nurture Positive thoughts

Nurture Positive thoughts

Keep track of your thoughts and be aware whenever you feel negative thoughts. Accepting how you are is the best solution for everything. Whenever you feel any negative thoughts flowing, try to write down the optimistic and positive version of the negative thought to overcome the bitter experience. For example: "I don't remember where I had kept my pen drive." You can change this to, "I don't remember where I had kept my pen drive but, hereon I'll keep it along with my keys". Practicing this would help you inculcate a positive mindset whatever you are doing, increasing your productivity exponentially.

9. Get rid of stress

Get rid of stress

Working hours together can stress and drain your energy out. The best way to tackle this temporary stress is to meditate for 5 minutes or listen to your favorite music. These can reduce your stress gradually. Sometimes, we may also end up getting depressed due to the routine that we follow. In that case, talk with your colleagues, family and friends to boost your mood since your mental well-being is above everything. Your mental well-being directly affects your productivity, so keep track of how your thoughts and frame of mind vary each time while you work.

10. Invest some time for yourself

Invest some time for yourself

Whenever you start your day, try to start it with healthy food and exercise since that will give you the energy to remain productive throughout your work. Relax for some time and then begin your routine. Maintain a lifestyle that suits you and your job since both are intertwined as you spend most of your time working while also doing other tasks. After you complete all of your work for the day, spend some time indulging yourself in hobbies that you always liked. It helps you to refresh your mind and keeps you happy after a tiring day.

By following these methods, you can improve your productivity and can also lead a mindful lifestyle since, "The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities."

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